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A Quick, and Inexpensive, DIY Home Project

Are you handy enough to put together Ikea furniture, but lack the skills to sheetrock a bathroom? Then this is a good tip to consider for your own home. Recently my wife and I were discussing a potential upgrade to “freshen up” our home. We decided that we wanted to change out some of the hardware to give our home a nice, bold look.

We live in a newer building where all of the homes are built with the same finishes. Our home feels the same as every other unit in the building and felt it was necessary to add some flavor to it. So we decided to change the hardware on all of our doors in the apartment.

Here’s the Before Photo:

This is what the builder provided. Now don’t get me wrong, these look very nice, but again, this is the same hardware throughout the entire building so every apartment has the exact same look. We felt is was a bit boring and were looking for our home to stand out a bit.

It’s your standard brushed nickel finish with the lever style hardware. Same for the hinges on the doors. It all blends in and there’s really no pop to it.

(Click on the photo to see a larger version of the original door)




And Here’s the Finished Product:

What a difference, right? The matte black finishes just make it all seem like a different home. Yes, the door above is a bedroom door taken from inside the room, but these doors are the main feature of the apartment. It’s in the main living area just off the living room so it becomes a piece of art of the overall apartment.

(Again, click on the photo to see a larger version of the original door)



Here’s How I Did It….

Amazon is a great resource, right? I have a total of 15 doors in my home, including bedroom, bathroom and all closet doors. It sounds like a lot, but a quick search on Amazon, and I was able to price out the hinges and doorknobs all for under $400!!

The links above are all clickable to back to Amazon. This was a fun and easy one for us and it REALLY made a huge difference in our home. Happy DIY!

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