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Another DIY Project

BeforeWhile we are sitting at home during our quarantine, I figured it was time for another quick and easy project to spruce up my home. Remember my last project from a previous post where I changed out the hardware on my doors? (link here) Well, this time I decided to dress up my balcony now that spring is officially here.

I live in a building some homes have outdoor spaces that allow for a small table and a few chairs. It’s just large enough to enjoy your morning coffee or even have a few friends over to enjoy the outside weather. Of course you will need to follow proper distancing guidelines, or at least wait until we are allowed to have guests come back into our homes!

We wanted to cover the flooring of our outdoor space because the building simply provides us with a concrete slab. Simply adding on an outdoor rug might warm up the space, but why not cover the concrete and create a real deck that adds character to the home. We decided to go with a dark wood in a parquet style and found a few great options on Ikea’s website

Outdoor Tiles:


There are a few options there, but we went with the first one. I really liked the grass option and was considering doing a combination of wood tiles and grass. However, I was fearful that our dog would see this as an opportunity to relive herself so I quickly nixed that idea!

The tiles come in a package of 9 and all you do is snap the pieces together. My patio isn’t that large, so the whole thing only took about 20 minutes or so. It was very simple to put together and the best part of this project was that I didn’t have to worry about the pattern getting all messed up.

Again, super easy and a fun way to dress up your outdoor space if you have a concrete outdoor extension of your home. When our economy opens back up again, we will certainly make our way to the florist and really dress up the deck!


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