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Home Staging Guide for Sellers

by: Lauren (Proske) Miller

York & BarrowAs the in-house Staging Consultant I have the privilege of examining each condo before it hits the market, and trust me when I say that, I have seen it all! My role is to provide a report to the homeowners which outlines what to do, change, add, remove, update, etc. in order to best present the home. The goal is always to sell the listing as quickly as possible for the highest price, and proper preparation of the home is part of achieving that goal. While each home has a unique set of needs, I have compiled a list of the TOP 5 things every homeowner should do while preparing to sell his/her home.

  1. Hire a professional cleaning service! Trust me, it’s worth it. Out of all of the consultations I have completed I have never seen a single one that wouldn’t benefit from this. Let’s be serious, you are on your way out the door and the last thing you want to do is get on hands and knees and scrub the floor. The list to provide to the cleaning service: clean all windows inside and out, bleach grout in kitchen and bathrooms, remove all air vents to clean and replace, clean on top of fans and inside light fixtures, clean all corners on floor and ceilings.
  2. Replace all light bulbs with “instant on” and maximum wattage. Everyone wants a bright and well-lit home and even though these are not the best for energy consumption they are the best for listing and showing your home.
  3. Repaint all doors, trim and molding white. Most buyers will repaint the walls upon move in to suit individual taste, however a fresh coat of white paint over all of the trim, molding and doors is like whitening your teeth! Makes the whole place look sharp and shows less wear and tear!
  4. De-personalize. The buyer needs to be able to envision him/ herself living in your home, de-personalizing helps greatly with this. Family photos that are nicely displayed on the wall are OK however frames that sit on countertops, dressers or other surfaces should be stored away. Other items to store away, anything religious, political or inappropriate.
  5. De-clutter. This one seems obvious but you would be surprised! Cluttered homes look and feel smaller and make the buyer want to run! Plus this process also helps you start packing up! Remove all items from the floors of closets and organize shelves. All countertops and dressers should only have the items on top that are currently in use. It is okay to keep children’s toys that can be store away in bins however the larger play houses should be packed up and placed in storage. Large exercise equipment should also be removed.

*Lauren is a licensed real estate agent with PRIME Real Estate Group. Click here for her full biography and background.

Lauren can be reached at 908-246-3688 or

Lauren Miller

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