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New Year’s Resolution For Home Sellers

As we wind down 2019, and look forward to closing out the decade (By the way, why isn’t anyone talking about the decade? – We’ll discuss that later), dormant sellers are considering getting a home valuation and potentially putting up their home for sale. However, a few things need to happen before going live with your home. If your 2020 resolution is to put your home on the market, then continue to read on…

What’s Your Home Worth? – The number one step would be to get a full home valuation to know where you stand among the recent comparables and potential new homes that will come to the market. Pricing is key in today’s market and buyers are sensitive to sticker shock. The most important decision you will make once you’ve decided to sell your home is to settle on an ask price. Be smart and get ahead of the market so you attract buyers, plural! Any local expert can help, but a good place to start is by using our very own market analysis here.

Set a Date to List Your Home – Make it a goal and stick to the plan. A lot of homes tend to hit the market once the holidays are behind us. Having your home in the mix with all of the other new inventory can diminish your home and it may drown in the noise. Set a date today, and then execute!

Fix and Repair – Go through your home to see what needs to be adjusted, replaced or repaired. Buyers will walk through your home and notice broken items such as kitchen cabinet doors, or faulty knobs. Make your home as pristine as possible upfront so buyers don’t factor that into their offers. Take pride in your home and show your buyers that you’ve cared for the property as you ask for top dollar on your biggest investment!

Clean Your Home – Hire a cleaning service to come in and make your home shine. There’s nothing worse than walking into a home I’m showing to find dirty dishes in the sink, or worse yet, a stove that has last night’s dinner all over it. Leaving your home a mess for potential buyers to walk around just leaves a horrible impression. Make your bed, clean up in the bathroom / kitchen, and set up the pillows on the couch so it looks like a showroom. When was the last time you walked into a car dealership and they put a dirty car in the middle of the floor?

Execute – Make it happen! You’ve done all the preparations, now SELL SELL SELL!

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