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Top 5 Things The Most Successful Entrepreneurs Do Before Breakfast

Waking up and hitting the pavement hard is what most people on the 9-5 grind are doing on a daily basis. The household wakes up, kids are getting ready and chaos ensues.

However, many entrepreneurs have a ritual and get up hours before their day officially begins. The rise, get dressed, read the paper, check emails, go over their schedule, eat and then head out to start their day. But the most successful entrepreneurs are much different.

Here are a few things that only the most successful entrepreneurs do before getting their day going:

  1. Exercise
    • You need to take care of yourself. Getting up and setting aside time for your body is key to your health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It gets the blood pumping, clears your mind and helps ease with anxiety. Plus you only have to shower once!
  2. Spend Time With Family
    • Sometimes your days can get away from you with people requesting last-minute meetings, or conference calls that go overtime. Why not start your day with your loved ones and make sure you put in the quality time in the event you miss out at the end of the day.
  3. Invest Time Into Networking
    • If you can’t control what time you leave the office at night, why not try and meet up with people first thing in the morning. Few people are booked for early morning breakfast meetings so why not reserve some time on your calendar for a morning coffee with a contact you’ve been trying to meet up with
  4. Spend Time on Creative Work
    • Do you play an instrument? Are you working on a side project? Maybe start your day engaging in one of those activities so you can stimulate your brain for the rest of the day. Studies show that setting aside your mind on other activities really gets your mental capacity going so you can really have your thoughts running at full speed for the majority of your day
  5. Ponder the Big Picture
    • Goals are dreams until they are written down. Do you write down what you’d like to accomplish in the next week, month or even year? Even a 10-minute session of meditation will really start your day off on the right foot.

Try for yourself these few things that the most successful entrepreneurs do in the morning. You’ll find that these take less time than you might expect. Setting aside 15 or 30 mins alone for fitness is much easier done than said…. see, I reversed that!

Engaging in activities early in the day will both energize and focus you, making you better able to move your business forward instead of staying in reactive mode all day. Let’s play offense, not defense!

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